Fine Fashion Jewelry with Simple Design

Fashion is not only about overall collocation, but also about details. Fine fashion jewelry, such as earrings, necklaces, rings, pins, etc., has become the focus of attention and pursuit of beauty lovers.


In recent years, more and more bold breakthroughs have been made in materials, design elements, shapes and other aspects of fashion jewelry. However, fine fashion jewelry with simple design gradually captured consumers' hearts.


Simple style

In recent years, simple design has become popular again. There is a misunderstanding that simple design is to reduce the content of the design. In fact, what the feature of simple style is to simplify the elements, lighting and raw materials to a minimum, but highly requires the texture of colors and materials. Therefore, the simple design is usually very implicit and characterized by less.

Fine fashion jewelry trend

Regarding fine fashion jewelry trends, Bazzar magazine shows that this year's five major trends are nothing more than colorful jewelry, single earrings, oversized chains, pearls, and big hoops.


It's worth mentioning that fine fashion jewelry with simple design is always listed on top of the customers. Unlike the luxury jewelry design, the simple style influences the design development of jewelry. After continuous innovation and breakthrough, fine-fashion jewelry with simple style integrates artistry and simplicity, paying more attention to modeling, material, color, and artistic conception.


Being unique among tremendous design styles, fashion jewelry with simple style shows modern and abstract geometric features in the form of modeling.


Geometric jewelry is born with the trend of simple design interpreting the most primitive beauty of jewelry. The most basic geometric elements, such as triangles, squares, rectangles or ovals, are used in the simple design of jewelry, making necklaces, pendants and earrings a bold and personalized fashion piece.


In this article, there are several new fine fashion jewelries with simple design can be a good interpretation of jewelry trends.


Daisy Silver Earrings

This daisy silver earring has fully catered to the trend of circle element. The shape of daisy which is the fashion of simple design in these years is its main features. When you put this simple design on your ears, it mostly gives out a fresh and nature sense. No need for too much decoration, your whole style upgrade with such earrings in simple design.

Dangle Feather Silver Earrings

Designed with crystals, these earrings are made of 925 sterling in the shape of a feather. The core value of the design lies in eastern mythology and legends. The simple design of feather shape with a solid construction and the crystals decorated inside is set by excellent craftsmanship.


Willow Drop Earrings with Crystal

Tassel and crystal string together to be a beautiful work of art. There is no extra ornament on the earrings, but the color matching of silver makes the grade of the earrings higher in an instant. Although the design is simple, it exudes a noble sense. With the willow drop earrings with crystal, even the simplest dressing could make you stand out.

Green Leaf Drop Earring with Pearl

Similarly, the irregular green leaf drop earrings follow the simple design concept above, simplifying the decoration elements, and breaking through innovation in the shape of leaves. Such an irregular green leaf drop earrings could be the perfect match for cool girls, giving out a strong sense of personality.


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