Thaya: The Representative of Fine Art Jewelry

Thaya, founded in 2013, has been among the forefront of the national accessories industry. With a different understanding of beauty, the founder believes that beauty is not the representation of high price or aesthetic stereotyped but a unique soul across the universe.


Since the establishment of the brand, Thaya always adheres to the original design. Featuring fresh girl as style and the cuteness creature as design inspiration, the fine art jewelry as if the sprout of the flower. No matter unique fashion rings or latest fashion earrings, bracelets, necklaces, loveliness, and high esthetic beauty are within. The product itself is as romantic as a girl’s heart.


Thaya’s hot jewelry takes youth beauty as the main channel, advocating independence and self-improvement of the young female. It is not only the design idea but also the vision of modern female success. With the original and diversified design, Thaya creates hot jewelry with the idea to encourage girls to break through the self-cognition of fashion and their own unique beauty. 

In the series of Thaya’s hot jewelry- Roses and Thorns, the metaphors for love without fearing which like lovers came across the thorns to embrace the sprout of love has deeply resonated with the heart of people. Thus, make the heat of this best-selling series continue.

In the name of a dream, Thaya creates a series of fine art jewelry with the inspirations of Van Gogh’s starry night as the first unique fashion rings series that combined the world’s famous painting. The unique fashion rings have their romantic meaning: Life is long enough to resonate with your soul. It became a piece of instant hot jewelry as it first came into the market and it is imitated by many domestic counterparts. As such, we are kindly informed you to buy Thaya’s all series of fine art jewelry on the official website: to prevent any property losses from unscrupulous businesses.


In addition to adhering to the idea of the original design, the reason why Thaya attracts the millennials is that Thaya completely captures the taste of the young generation. Yet, they are far beyond the audience but also the muse to inspire Thaya to create. Through capture their passion for fashion and the demand for free expression, Thaya adopted the things that the young generation is found and then created new products to express the unique personality. Thaya has changed fine art jewelry into an exceptional artwork of fashion.


Thaya also receives many invitations. The business partnership with the popular anchor, singer, superstar makes Thaya a hotter fine art jewelry brand for the young generation. Thaya also gets much attention from overseas. The sub-brand Mythaya, V-GON, ICE HOMIE, PUNK HEART, Belle’s Stone settled into the overseas platform and won a lot of overseas consumers.

Though the prices of the products are not so high, it infuses the pride of original ideas and the pristine and sheer handicraft. Combined with the touching stories, Thaya makes the fine art jewelry resonate with people and comfort their souls. This has become a link to connect the product with people. It carries a spirit of life which is a reason for Thaya to win the consumers in the accessories market.


In the six years of chasing the dream, Thaya’s original hot jewelry has captured more than 2 million fans’ hearts and received much attention from the community. In Thaya’s more than 3000 works, different fantasy stories were infused in it. It always has ups and downs on the road, but Thaya is never defeated. It is the love for the original design and the pursuit of handicraft that attract many fans and keep Thaya’s fine art jewelry blooming.