The Key of Fashion: Layered Necklaces

The coming summer has always been a great time to indulge in charm. A bare neck cannot lack the ornament of necklaces. Pendants are a must-have accessory for trendies. A fashion necklace that can catch the attention will serve as a bright spot to the whole look. 


Now almost all the trendsetters wear layered necklaces instead of just one regular chain. Quite a few celebrities have jumped on the bandwagon, including Gigi Hadid and Hailey Bieber. 

Celebrities often use this stratagem to fill the bare neck, adding a touch of fashion and originality. Layering your necklaces does not mean that you can combine them casually. Here we want to share a few tips to help you achieve the effect you want.  


First of all, we may find it easy to get tangled when layering necklaces. The solution to this problem is not complicated. We can start by choosing accessories carefully. To avoid tangling up, we would better keep the number of chains within two to five pieces. On the other side, pair necklaces of different lengths will mix up your look even further. 


There are numerous ways to wear necklaces. When wearing a multi-layer necklace, you can consider choosing one of the simple design. For instance, Thaya is an ideal choice. The designs on Thaya's necklaces are concise but very characteristic. 


The double-layered necklace looks concise and understated. Besides, compared to one chain, it increases a sense of layering to enrich your appearance. Three-ply necklaces typically contain a longer collar that extends the attention down from the neck. In this way, you can look taller and thinner. 

However, with more layers, it becomes more challenging to match them. It is important to note that the choice for the shortest necklace is the choker. Wearing chokers with long chains of various widths is elegant, and it is not cumbersome.


Additionally, pendants in the same material can also avoid chaos. Thaya necklaces are mostly made of 925 sterling silver. They have both certain hardness and excellent ductility. This kind of material perfectly reflects the designer's creativity and can satisfy various styles, such as concise or noble luxury. 


Whether you use gold or silver, as long as your layered necklace does not contain lots of different materials, it will not look too extravagant. Exaggerated styles are hard for most people to handle. 

Secondly, after selecting, we can begin to layer these fine chain necklaces. You can decide on a style and how you want to present it. For instance, if you favor retro style, a gold necklace with twisted squares will help. If you are going to combine more romance, you can choose another chain with a distinctive pendant. 


Moreover, you can also determine the style of layered necklaces depending on your wearing and the occasion you will be attending. The Chain Necklace with Star and Moon, as shown below, has a low-key unique design that adds a sense of style to your daily outing. And the pendant is the highlight of the whole necklace. If you pair it with a V-neck, it will accentuate your graceful neckline. 

Commonly, the thin chain can give you an elegant, mature, and stylish look for your business attire. On the contrary, grand occasions such as banquets require magnificent chains to let you be more attractive. 


No matter what style you want to express, the point is to have a focal point on your layered necklace. These elements contribute to expressing your sense of fashion. If your jewelry box does not have the proper ingredients to express your feelings, you can do it yourself. Many pendants are detachable and can be replaced.  


If you consider length, quantity, material, and style of chains when combining them, layered necklaces will most likely satisfy your needs and let you join the fashion trend. While you're looking for the most charming necklace, you can consider Thaya necklaces. 


We are committed to design creative fine jewelry with high quality as well as provide the best service. Necklaces in various styles will help you in expressing your taste better when pairing layered necklaces.


Our team at Thaya is glad to assist you. For more ideas about necklace combinations, contact us.